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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated January 2015

  1. What does "nosh" mean?
  2. How long are Noshwalks?
  3. When do Noshwalks take place?
  4. How much do tours cost?
  5. Can we pay by credit card?
  6. Whata's included in the cost?
  7. Whata's not included?
  8. Where to buy cheap oakley sunglasses?
  9. What if we prepay and have to cancel?
  10. What if we prepaid, cana??t come and forget to call?
  11. Can we come at the last minute?
  12. Will children like Noshwalks?
  13. Do you offer gift certificates?
  14. What about bad weather?
  15. Whata??s the parking situation at tours?
  16. How do we plan mass transit?
  17. Is there time to shop on a Noshwalk?
  18. How many stops are on a Noshwalk?
  19. What should we wear?
  20. Are Noshwalks wheelchair accessible?
  21. Are restrooms available during the tour?
  22. Is there enough food at a Noshwalk to comprise a full meal?
  23. What if I have dietary restrictions, allergies and so forth?
  24. Can I bring a pet on a Noshwalk?
  25. What if I need to leave early?
  26. What if Ia??m running late for a tour?
  27. Are Noshwalks only about food?
  28. I loved a Noshwalk I went on. If I repeat it, will it be exactly the same?
  29. What makes Noshwalks different from other food tours?
  30. Does your guide accept gratuities?
  31. Should I bring my own fork or spoon for the tour?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a??nosha?? mean?

a??Nosha?? comes from the Yiddish word for a snack or tidbit of food. Noshwalks aim to fill you up with many noshes from around the world! (See also Leo Rostena??s classic The Joys of Yiddish, New York: McGraw-Hill & Company, 1968)

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2. How long are Noshwalks?

Most Noshwalks last 3 to 3 ?? hours. Several tours (such as New Bronx City and Rego Park/Corona) last four hours; these are indicated on the schedule. If you have to leave early, let the leader know so you can be directed to mass transit.

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3. When do Noshwalks take place?

Noshwalks are held most weekends between mid-March through mid-August and then after Labor Day until just before Christmas. Tours are occasionally held in January and February as well a??? these tend to be some of our more "indoor-friendly" tours. Custom tours are available year round. Most tours take place in the afternoon, starting around 1 PM, but do take care to note the start time, as others start either earlier (usually in November and December, when we have less daylight, and for the longer tours) and some start later. The annual Dyker Heights Holiday Lights Noshwalk meets in the late afternoon. Custom Noshwalks are available at times requested by the client and can be evening tours in neighborhoods where markets are open late.

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4. How much do tours cost?

At present, the three-hour public tours are $54 and four-hour public tours are $60. As food prices have risen, so have tour prices, since we include tastes in our tours. Custom tours are priced differently, depending on the client, the location, the time requested, the size of the group and many other variables (which may include, for example, if I'm asked to meet the group and escort them to the tour).

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5. Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, you may pay by credit card when you register on line. We currently use Paypal as our conduit for payment. You do not need a Paypal account to pay this way. Although we may change to a different channel in the future, you will still be able to pay by credit card.

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6. Whata??s included in the cost?

All group tastes are included, as is a handout with a map of the route and listings of places we visit as well as places we recommend for further exploration.

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7. Whata??s not included?

Beverages are not included unless your guide wants to introduce you to a particularly interesting one. If we sit down for a group tasting ordered by your guide, the group is responsible for tips and taxes. You are responsible for any personal purchases.

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8. What if we prepay and have to cancel?

Cancellations must be received by phone or, preferably, e-mail, at least 24 hours before the start time of a Noshwalk. Your fee may be applied to another Noshwalk. No refunds are available if you don't cancel and don't show up. However, if you're from out of town and are not likely to return any time soon, Noshwalks will provide a refund (but we STILL need a full day's notice).

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9. What if we prepaid, cana??t come and forget to call?

Credita??s not available if you dona??t call to cancel 24 hours ahead of time.

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10. Can we come at the last minute?

Yes. But ita??s usually a good idea to call between 8 AM & 9 AM the morning of the tour to find out if therea??s space and to call to confirm that the tour is running (although tours are rarely cancelled), Some people just show up.

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11. Will children like Noshwalks?

Children are welcome at Noshwalks, but some walks are more child-friendly than others. You can judge from tour descriptions if your child is likely to enjoy the food. You can contact for recommendations. Fees for children 6 to 12 are discounted and free for children five and under. HINT: If youa??re bringing a child, ita??s often a good idea to bring a friend!

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12. Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift Certificates are available for Noshwalks. Purchase them from our Gift Certificates page.

Please note that if you are using a gift certificate to reserve, that is the same as being a paying customer. Your guide plans the tour based on the number of reserved customers a??? with some leeway for people who show up at the last minute. If you don't show up without canceling, the gift certificate becomes void and you cannot book another tour. This is customer courtesy to your guide. However, gift certificates don't expire and you can book at any time, but you must also show up or else provide 24 hours' notice to cancel if you can't make it! (In 2014 I had a customer use a certificate she received five years earlier!)

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13. What about bad weather?

Noshwalks are cancelled in case of heavy rain, heavy snow or weather thata??s too hot, potentially unhealthy or that may cause transport delays. Call 212-222-2243 the morning of the tour to confirm if the tour is on. If a tour is cancelled a??? a very rare occasion! a??? your fee can be applied towards another Noshwalk or a subscription. If you're an out-of-towner who paid for a tour that was canceled, you will be sent a refund.

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14. Whata??s the parking situation at tours?

Some people drive to our tours.?? Use or, to plan your route. Contact us for parking tips, including whether ita??s usually easy of difficult to find a space.

Use Mapquest to plan your drive in and also write to for parking advice. Some tours do end some distance from our meeting point, so mass transit is generally recommended. But if you do drive, you may want to have a Metrocard on hand in case you'll need to connect to a bus or subway to return to the starting point. Some people prefer to park near our end point. Planning this and then finding the meeting point can be done via e-mail.

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15. How do we plan mass transit?

Your guide uses mass transit and always allocates extra time for weekend travel. Some subway routes change on weekends because of track work. To plan your travel accordingly, check for weekend service advisories on the lines you would be taking. In general, weekend subway service is less frequent than on weekdays and some weekday express lines run local on weekends. Contact Us for recommendations on how much time to budget for individual tours.

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16. Is there time to shop on a Noshwalk?

Depending on the size of the group and the markets wea??re visiting, wea??ll either allocate shopping time during the tour OR recommend that you shop when the tour is over. We know how it feels to lose out on a good shopping opportunity, but we also know that shopping takes time from the tour With your map and listing of places we visit, you will be able to return on your own to shop at your leisure!

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17. How many stops are on a Noshwalk?

Every tour is different and in some cases one stop represents several tastes. Ita??s fair to say that youa??ll have at least a half-dozen tastes during one tour, and usually more, although several tastes may come from one place.

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18. What should we wear?

Always wear comfortable shoes! Have a sun hat on bright days & bring a poncho and umbrella in case of rain. Also, bring a backpack or tote bag for food to take home. (Some people even bring freezer bags.) In kosher neighborhoods, ita??s recommended to wear long sleeves and long pants.

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19. Are Noshwalks wheelchair accessible?

Some neighborhoods are more wheelchair-friendly than others. Contact us with specific queries. With advance notice, a tour route can be adjusted to make sure that we visit wheelchair-friendly destinations or can get assistance to enter certain places.

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20. Are restrooms available during the tour?

We try to ensure that there will be at least one stop during a tour.??

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21. Is there enough food at a Noshwalk to comprise a full meal?

More than enough! Your guide has occasionally been criticized for overfeeding the group!

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22. What if I have dietary restrictions, allergies and so forth?

Most Noshwalks can be adapted for vegetarian and other restricted diets. Please let your guide know so that she chooses tastes to accommodate your situation. If you are strictly kosher, your best bet is to attend a kosher Noshwalk. Custom kosher Noshwalks are available.

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23. Can I bring a pet on a Noshwalk?

I presume you mean a dog. Please dona??t! Wea??re going into markets and restaurants where pets arena??t welcome.

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24. What if I need to leave early?

Let your guide know at the beginning of the tour- or when you first sign up - and wea??ll make sure to get you close to mass transit so you can head to your next destination.

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25. What if Ia??m running late for a tour?

Call your guidea??s cell phone - (212) 222-2243 -?? and we will advise you where to go so that you can meet up with the group.

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26. Are Noshwalks only about food?

No indeed! Noshwalks are also about people, history, local culture, architecture and a lot more! Since Noshwalks were first offered in 2000, your guide has attempted to gather current background information to enrich your tour experience.

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27. I loved a Noshwalk I went on. If I repeat it, will it be exactly the same?

Neighborhoods change, and your guide tries to keep current.?? So if you decide to revisit an area you enjoyed, youa??re likely to see some of the same places and some new ones, and possibly travel on a revised route. Over the years most tours have been updated and remapped to incorporate new markets, new sights and general neighborhood changes, including new meeting places. Some Noshwalkers regularly repeat specific tours to see how the neighborhood has changed.

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28. What makes Noshwalks different from other food tours?

Most NYC culinary tours focus on Manhattan, particularly lower Manhattan. Noshwalks uniquely covers all five boroughs and takes serious foodies (and not so serious ones!) to neighborhoods they would probably not visit otherwise.

Noshwalks is continually expanding its repertory of neighborhoods to include more of upper Manhattan and much more of the Bronx, where there are now seven different Noshwalks, though not all are offered every year.

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29. Does your guide accept gratuities?

We try to provide an outstanding tour. If you enjoyed your experience, giving a tip is a nice way to let your hard-working guide know she did an especially good job!

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30. Anything else?

Your tour guide has been providing plastic cutlery, paper plates and cups for the tour. By the end of tours, we generate a lot of waste that we throw out. A Noshwalker recently suggested that tour participants be encouraged to bring their own reusable implements to minimize waste. (One Noshwalker even brought her own small wooden spoon.) So, if you want to, bring your own in a plastic bag. We'll have bottled water to rinse them out.

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